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A common thief (Depardieu) breaks into the house of a professional dominatrix (Ogier), and begins to help her "train" her clients. Though this world is alien to his experience, he finds himself falling in love with her. Eventually he discovers that she does this in order to support her son, and he attempts to help her out of this life, which she is not sure she really wants to leave.

Title : Mistress

Year : 1975

Runtime : 112

Release Dates: 1975-04-25


Actors :

Gérard DepardieuasOliver
Bulle OgierasAriane
André RouyerasMario
Nathalie KeryanasLucienne
Roland BertinasMan in Cage
Tony TaffinasEmile
Holger LöwenadlerasGautier
Anny BartanovskiasSecretary
Serge BerryasValet
Richard CaronasFirst Client
Pierre DevosasBistro Patron
Jeanne HervialeasConcierge
Michel PilorgéasMale Guest
Cécile PochetasFemale Guest

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